Selling Your LBI Home- Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

With a selling decision of such financial magnitude, it is vital for you, as the seller of your LBI home, to weigh your options as to whom you should select as your representative. One who will confidentially and seamlessly guide you to selling your Long Beach Island home. So, who should be your LBI real estate agent? One who can tell you if they are part-time or entirely devoted to being an agent. One who can tell you if their sales production is that of an individual or as a team. The agent who can allocate themselves to you entirely with their expertise in strategic target marketing, one who can identify and locate the most suitable buyer for “your LBI property,” is the one you will want to guide you. Let me tell you why.

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A full-time agent may not necessarily mean the best choice for you as the seller. Full-time agents tend to divide their workload into two categories: summer rentals and sales. Summer rentals, being so highly sought after, can require an agent so much time and effort that he or she can lose or have less of the insight needed in what matters to you the most, which is the sales market. Yet, with that mentioned, there are some full-time agents out there that will specifically work in the LBI sales market and not summer rentals. Locating the right full-time sales market agent will be your best choice selection as they will be laser-focused on getting your home sale completed in the shortest time and for the highest possible dollar.


Also, to be heavily mentioned, real estate agents claim that they are working their sales all on their own… Not always true. Those agents will say that they are independent of alluding to you into thinking that this agent is making all these sales by their lonesome when in reality, they are working with other real estate agents underneath them. Unfortunately, this can be a trap, for this facade can tremendously limit that particular agent’s experience, thus lowering their ability to guide you properly through the LBI home sales process. We have seen situations that wouldn’t have happened had you asked the right questions while qualifying your agent and how they fit your best needs. For a conversation around selling your Long Beach Island Home, please feel free to contact Jason & Kristen Ciavarro Realtor, The Van Dyk Group, on Long Beach Island, NJ. #609.382.9966


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Jason and Kristen Ciavarro

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