Beach Haven West

Within minutes of the Garden State Parkway and neighboring the Barnegat Bay, Beach Haven West provides an easy commute to New York, Atlantic City, and Toms River. Route 72, which is the main road leading to Long Beach Island, and Philadelphia, has three points of access into and out of Beach Haven West.

The Coves and East Point

Looking for breathtaking views and spacious properties? If so, you need to check out The Coves and East Point. The Coves and East Point are popular developments in Beach Haven West that feature spacious lots and large homes. It is a highly sought after area as it borders the salt marshes and offers stunning views of the Atlantic City skyline. East Point, which is located on the extreme Eastern section of Beach Haven West, offers beautiful views and a short walk to the bay. East Point, like The Coves, offers larger lot sizes and is in high demand.

Beach Haven West Summer Rentals

Beach Haven West has the unique potential to act as either a year-round residence, a summer vacation home or an investment property that can generate year over year income. Many homes in Beach Haven West will serve as a rental property either on a weekly basis or as a summer seasonal rental. Beach Haven West rentals are of particular interest to boaters and fishermen looking to enjoy shore living. To a homeowner, the benefits of summer rentals can be enormous as they can help to cover the costs of ownership and still leave the majority of the year for personal use.

  • Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
  • Eagleswood Amusement Park